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Order Europa+ directly from Orthocare Innovations.

Europa+ is Orthocare Innovations’ newest technology for supporting research and education in improved prosthetic care. It is a highly integrated electronic limb component for advanced prosthetics measurement, analysis and automatic outcomes reporting. It has “Always On” Bluetooth 4 connectivity to mobile devices, long battery life, and an instrument grade pyramid adaptor that senses the forces exerted through the prosthetic socket. There are no external switches, connections or displays on europa+™, so it can easily be research blinded and covered by a cosmesis. Orthocare Innovations’ Galileo™ mobile app ties all these technologies together into a simple way to visualize, record and track the dynamic function of the prosthesis user. Europa+ meets the new outcomes reporting requirements for VA patients. Europa+™ is also available in a removable form factor.

europa+™ User Manual


Highly integrated electronic limb component for advanced prosthetics measurement.