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OI has extensive experience in every aspect of medical device development, from innovative concept design to clinical testing and regulatory approval. With broad expertise in biomechanics, machine design, robotics, control systems, and mobile software design, we’re not limited to the P&O industry. We work independently, or seamlessly integrate with our partners’ engineering teams to support any aspect of research or product development.

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Product Design

We work with our R&D partners to translate customer needs and product requirements into design specifications. We carefully take into account considerations about intellectual property, product economics and reimbursement, manufacturing, and distribution.

Device Development

We have a complete engineering development team, including experts in project management, mechanical, electrical, materials, and software engineering, and manufacturing.

Mobile Connectivity

We have a strong track record in developing medical device mobile applications for both iOS and Android operating systems. Our flexible Galileo platform can be adapted to meet the needs of new devices and products in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Clinical Evaluation

We have extensive experience in product evaluation and clinical study design and support. We engage directly with both our R&D partners and third parties to evaluate product designs from laboratory testing through to full patient trials to ensure device optimization and functionality.

Regulatory Support

We utilize both client and internal design controls to ensure compliance with FDA, ISO and CE requirements.


Transition to Manufacturing

We work with customers to identify and qualify vendors, as well as with internal production teams to effectively transfer technologies and know how in preparation for manufacturing.

Machine Design

At Orthocare Innovations we believe great mechanical design ultimately makes a product simpler, safer, more efficient and more robust. That’s why we maintain expertise in dynamic systems modeling, mechanics, and kinematics. It’s how we achieve efficient, robust hydraulic and pneumatic actuation and control on the human-scale.

Intelligent Controls

We can deliver robust, low-power, embedded control systems in both electrical design and embedded firmware — or can design, evaluate, and simulate multiple controller and sensor options for your existing development.


Understanding the human body is essential to P&O and OI has a long publication history in the field. With an in-house gait analysis and motion capture facility our engineers are able to regularly evaluate performance with quantitative measures – if you’re developing human-scale devices with human interfaces or interactions, Orthocare can help.