Orthocare Innovations is a leading research and development company developing the latest in prosthetic and orthotic technologies. The company’s product development approach is to produce products that are consistent with, and contribute to, evidenced-based practice demands for verifiable clinical efficacy.

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OI is experienced in all aspects of medical device product development ranging from concept through clinical testing and regulatory approval. And with broad expertise in biomechanics, machine design, robotics, control systems and mobile software we’re not limited to the P&O industry. We work independently, or seamlessly integrate with customer engineering teams to support any aspect of research or product development.


Orthocare works with a range of leading commercial partners and federal R&D agencies to develop advanced O&P solutions with an aim towards improving human function.

R&D Partners

Orthocare has intellectual property and new product designs in various stages of development. We look forward to exploring these and other options to see how we might help to accelerate your R&D efforts with near-in market opportunities.


We are proud of our capabilities and results, but don’t take our word for it. Orthocare stacks up well as an innovator against some of the largest medical device and R&D organizations in the world.